Those gifted green fingers of yours have finally met their match

You give blood, sweat and tears to your turnips, potatoes and peas; you toil over your sowing and planting schedule, and you put in plenty of hours from morning to night. You need to give your veg the best chance of growing to super sizes and being sweet, crispy and full of flavour.

Our vegetable soil is specially formulated – designed with you (and your cherished garden or allotment) in mind. Organically rich, fertile soil that’s ready to be spread for all of the natural goodliness your veg needs. It comes complete with soil conditioner for nutrients and arrives having had oversized lumps, bumps and stones sifted out down to a level of 10mm – leaving your veg soil ready to go. It’s also great at irrigation and perfectly processed for optimal drainage (and being farmers, we know a thing or two about what makes great soil for growing, draining and nourishing).