Garden Turf Suppliers – Buy Direct from a Local Grower

Rainford Garden Turf Suppliers offer high quality Graded Lawn turf to domestic and commercial customers , buy turf direct from a local family run grower.

Is your lawn looking worn, patchy, or sparse?

A tired looking lawn can spoil the appearance of your garden and your home.

When brown patches appear, the grass is worn, or there are more weeds than grass, your lawn will not grow back on its own and you have two options.

You could try to repair the damage by growing new turf from seed. This is a difficult process with the seed requiring constant care. The area must be kept free from people, pets, and hungry birds until the grass is fully established. Results are usually disappointing and time and money is wasted.

The best option is to contact  The Turf Farm your local garden turf  grower and suppliers and buy professionally grown graded lawn turf that will give you an instant lawn. Contact Us.

Buy Turf for a Ready Made Lawn

When you buy from a local lawn turf supplier your home is immediately complimented by a lush, green, ready made carpet of high quality grass. You don’t need to wait for seeds to grow, or guard the area against people, pets and pests.

Buying turf is a simpler and more effective option for creating a beautiful lawn quickly.

Rainfords  Your Local Garden Turf Suppliers

Rainford Turf Farm are a family run business that has been supplying lawn turf from graded seed grown on their own farm since 1979.

Our high quality cultivated lawn turf is grown to seed specifications that combine a hardwearing thick texture with lush colour and drought resistant qualities. The easy to lay grass rolls are delivered to you in prime condition, treated to prevent weeds, and fertilised for optimum growth.

Buy Turf Direct from the Grower

When you buy turf directly from the grower you save money because you cut out the middleman. You get freshly cut, healthy turf that has been grown from seed with professional care so you get a premium quality lawn.

The turf for sale is delivered in rolls, which are sold per m2 and grown to stringent T.G.A. standards. For commercial customers, the grass rolls can be supplied in the larger size of 10-12m2. Each order comes with free laying instructions to give you that professional looking finish.

Garden Turf Suppliers Delivery Service

As local turf suppliers, we know the North West area well and all turf deliveries are done on our company owned vehicles. We operate a combination of crane offload vehicles, and several smaller vehicles for areas with tight access.

Rainfords Turf Farm is ideally situated for delivery to Liverpool, Southport, Wigan, Cheshire, Bolton, Manchester, Preston, and the surrounding areas in the North West of England. We pride ourselves on the customer service we offer to both domestic and commercial customers.

To discuss the best solutions, and to get a quote for your domestic, bulk, or commercial turf requirements, send us a message via the contact page contact  or call us on 07597084363.