Mushroom compost is a bit of misnomer, as this wonderfully nutrient-rich stuff is actually often whipped up from well-rotted chicken and horse manure with wheat straw – and because this is The Turf Farm, this stuff is also enriched with natural fertiliser.

The potash ensures that your flowers and fruits flourish, the added nitrogen guarantees top growth, and the extra phosphates boost root growth. That’s the specifics of the science dealt with, now for some common problems that can be tackled in a flash with our mushroom compost….

Dealing with heavy clay soil? Great, this compost will break it down. Got light and sandy soil on your hands? This will add structure and stability. Attempting to handle chalky soil? Perfect – this product will add humus.

You could say that this mushroom compost is a solve-all product – ideal for every job and many challenges.