Lawn Turf Suppliers in the North West


Here at the Turf Farm we are always busy making sure that our customers have the very best quality lawn turf in the area. But we have decided that we need to step into the modern world and away from our seeds and tools. Putting together a blog for our customers.

So, with this in mind, our first post is going to be dedicated to welcoming you to the blog, as well as finding out feet in what to write about.

A bit more about us

We are based in the North West, offering lawn turf that is planted, cultivated and grown right here at our nursery. Our turf finds its way throughout the local area, including Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside and around Greater Manchester too.

We take great pride in being able to grow and deliver some of the highest quality turf possible, making sure that we leave plenty of beautiful gardens for our customers to enjoy. Not only do they look great, but our turf is also designed to be hardwearing and durable too. Standing the test of time, even during a drought.

Not only do we grow turf here, but at Turf Farm we also supply quality topsoil and bark. Both of which can really help to create a complete and beautiful garden space for your home.

What to expect from the blog

As we said, this is the start of our blog, and we hope that our customers find the things we will share useful and informative. Ultimately, a large focus of our posts will be on maintaining your lawn and garden, after all, that is what we are all about.

But that doesn’t mean that we won’t also share other topics from time to time. Particularly if we find something interesting, or we are asked to cover something by our customers. We feel that our blog can become a place to share ideas, give advice and ultimately, make sure that you have an outdoor space to be proud of.

Whether this is with some beautiful turf or high quality bark, or simply with the advice that we will share, knowing that we had a helping hand will definitely feel pretty great.

So, why not follow us on our journey? The more people that join us, then the bigger and better our blog can grow, we welcome suggestions on future posts to cover. Get in touch with us and you may just find that your topic is covered, all with our expert knowledge included!